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About Alma Home Cleaning Services

Those looking for commercial and home cleaning services in the Riverside and Corona CA, area now have a more personal option. Alma began cleaning in 2005 with the goal of providing a more personalized house and commercial cleaning service to customers. She has made that a central part of what makes Alma’s Cleaning Services so different. We understand that each home or commercial space is different, and every home or business owner has different schedules or specific needs. Each client deserves a personalized and personal experience with our maids and cleaning specialists. Simply put, we tailor our services to fit your needs while getting to know what’s important to you.

Alma’s Cleaning Services is now one of the fastest growing house cleaning services company in Riverside, California. In 2010, Alma began her company for a simple reason, to fill the need for superior home cleaning services in the Riverside and Corona area. Her mission was to not only provide high quality and dependable cleaning services at affordable prices, but to provide them with a personal touch that is typically overlooked by large corporate cleaning services. This mission is still at the core of Alma’s Cleaning Services.

At Alma’s Cleaning Services, we strive to not be just another home or commercial cleaning company. We want to be your local, friendly cleaning company and to be considered a friend. Alma has always focused her cleaning services on getting to know her customers and making sure their needs are met. It’s no surprise that she has kept this at the core of Alma’s Cleaning Services as well.

Our Professional House Cleaning Services

Alma’s House Cleaning Services offers many services, including:

  • Personalized housekeeper and maid services
  • Home cleaning services, including:
    • Houses
    • Apartments
    • Townhomes and more!
  • Commercial cleaning services
    • Single office
    • Entire Office buildings
    • Warehouse space
    • and more!
  • Construction cleaning services
  • Professional Floor cleaning services

Alma’s Home Cleaning Services in Riverside, CA area, including Corona, California. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning appointment with Alma!

Alma’s Home Cleaning Services Core Values

Alma believes in going above and beyond for her clients and has instilled that drive in all house cleaners and maid services in the Alma’s House Cleaning Services family. Each core value supports that drive.

Alma’s Cleaning Services’ core values are simple. Our commitment is built on:


This is at the core of our commitment to providing the best luxury house cleaning experience for our clients. We strive to not only build your trust in our work, but trust in our people. We are committed to earning your trust with honesty, reliability, respect, and our personal touch. Alma’s Cleaning Service is fully licensed, giving you peace of mind in our services.


Alma and our residential and commercial cleaning specialists understand the importance of providing value to our customers. We are devoted to offering affordable prices on personal, superior quality home and commercial property cleaning services to give our clients the best value. We provide our customers the best value by working efficiently and effectively. This allows us to clean more areas in the same amount of time as the average cleaning company. We pride ourselves on cleaning beyond the surface, as we concentrate on details and providing the highest quality, while working quickly to reduce costs.


One of the many traits that makes Alma an incredible maid, and an even better businesswoman, is her ability to communicate throughout any process or job. Whether it is assisting with spring cleaning or cleaning an entire office building, Alma ensures that everyone is on the same page. Miscommunication is not in Alma’s vocabulary. She expects the same level of thorough, professionalism from all of her cleaning specialists as well. This is why each maid is thoroughly trained to insure all understand the goals and values of Alma’s Cleaning Services.


We believe in providing on time, trustworthy cleaning services to our house cleaning service and commercial cleaning service customers. We strive to be not only dependable but offer a consistent and unmatchable level of cleaning service.


The definition of respect is the high admiration or consideration for someone, or something based on their unique and special traits, abilities, etc. We believe that you and your home or business are deserving of respect. How we show our respect is by showing up on time, being fully equipped for the job at hand and taking every precaution to keep your belongings in pristine condition. Our employees display care for every aspect of your home, office, or other space by using the right techniques, cleaners, and tools to perform the task.

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