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Welcome to Alma’s House Cleaning Services

Thank you for considering Alma’s Cleaning Services for your residential cleaning services. Alma and her sister Zoila are excited to assist you and look forward to getting to know you and your home. Alma and Zoila have a combined experience of over 35 years of house cleaning, office cleaning, and commercial cleaning. We are honored to use that extensive experience to serve you. There are a lot of house cleaning services you could have chosen, but we think you understand that Alma’s Cleaning Services is not just another experienced cleaning company, they simply offer the best house cleaning services in Riverside, CA.

Personalized and Custom Cleaning Services

At Alma’s Cleaning Services, we strive to provide each client with the highest level of personal service as possible. You will never catch Alma offering just a one size fits all level of service. She not only wants to meet your expectations, but she aims to exceed them each and every time. Whether you require your furry friend’s litter box cleaned or fragrance-free house cleaning supplies used, she will be happy to provide the custom level of service you need.

Professional House Cleaners in Riverside, CA and Corona, CA

Alma is a cleaning professional in every sense of the word, and are trained to focus on the details, making sure their clients’ homes are cleaned deeply and completely. Alma utilizes house cleaning products that clean extensively, without the harsh chemical smell you sometimes experience with other professional house cleaning services in Riverside, CA. In addition to providing clients with her signature custom detailed service, Alma is an expert and gifted multitasker. Why multitasking, you may ask? Cleaning multiple surfaces simultaneously maximizes our productivity and speed, which enables us to get more done than your average house cleaner.

Dedicated & Loyal House Cleaners in Riverside, CA

Providing a custom house cleaning option is not where her dedication stops, however. It is important to her that she not just earn her client’s business, but their trust and confidence as well. Alma has been trained extensively and are committed to excellence and high-quality standards. Alma has agreed to strict high-quality standards so that you receive the highest level of professional house cleaning services in a Riverside, CA company you can trust.

The Best House Cleaning Service in Riverside, CA

Alma’s house cleaning service has grown exclusively through client referrals, and we know that says more than any fancy website or well-placed ad. We are very proud of our perfect-record Yelp ReviewsGoogle Reviews and Facebook Reviews and these fantastic ratings are proof that we truly are the best.

Let Alma Handle Your Residential Cleaning Needs

Do you remember the last time you came home from a long day of work or running errands, just to be greeted by a messy house? You just wanted to sit down and put your feet up, but instead you had to do the laundry, wash the dishes, and clean out the litter box. Now imagine having all of that cleaning done before you even step through the door. With Alma’s Cleaning Services, you don’t need to imagine.

We understand the importance of a clean house. When your house is clean, you and your family feel good about your home. You can relax more, entertain more, and most importantly, live more. Stop cleaning and start enjoying your house by calling Alma’s Cleaning Services today!

A Different Kind of House Cleaning Service with A Personal Touch

Large corporate cleaning services tend to be impersonal with one size fits all services. The residential cleaning services provided by Alma’s team are different. You’re not just a customer to Alma. We aim to exceed your expectations through outstanding, customizable home cleaning services, all with Alma’s personal touch. Our team strives to know each and every client personally. We tailor our services to your needs. Whether you require your freezer defrosted or your litter box cleaned, we will be happy to provide a custom level of service.


Never sacrifice your confidence in a cleaning service because of your budget. We understand the importance of earning our customers’ trust and confidence through exceptional housekeeping services and trustworthy maids. Our house maids are extensively trained by Alma to ensure that they understand and agree with our commitment to excellence. In addition to our commitment, Alma cleaning specialists must agree and adhere to our strict high-quality standards. Alma and Zoila are comprehensively trained and screened so that you receive the highest level of home cleaning service by someone you can trust.


Our dedication and experience are what sets us apart from the competition. We’re committed to making your experience with Alma’s Cleaning Services the best possible. There are enough bad home cleaning stories out there already. We’re different because of our dedication to you and your home.

Higher Level of Service

We believe in going the extra mile for our customers by providing professional cleaning services. With many years of experience in home cleaning, we understand what it takes to clean your home the right way. We focus on the details; ensuring our clients’ homes are cleaned deeply and not just on the surface. We utilize cleaning products that clean extensively, without the harsh chemical smell you sometimes experience with other professional cleaning services.

Not only do we provide high quality services, but we perform them efficiently and quickly so that your costs are kept reasonable. We understand the art multitasking and use it well. You will never see us with a lull in our day. We efficiently clean multiple surfaces simultaneously to maximize our productivity and insure your home is cleaned as fast as possible.

Flexible and Customizable Services

Alma understands that not everyone works 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, or requires weekly cleaning visits. Sometimes, you just need a great maid service to help with spring cleaning. This is why our residential cleaning services are as flexible as your schedule and needs. We offer:

  • Weekly cleaning schedules
  • Bi-weekly cleaning schedules
  • Monthly cleaning schedules
  • Occasional cleaning services
  • Spring cleaning services
  • One-time cleaning services

Weekly, Every-Other-Week & Monthly House Cleaning Packages

We offer entire home cleaning packages, as well as anything in between. Not sure what you’re looking for? Give us a call and allow Alma to help you choose the perfect level of home cleaning services for your needs.

Our team wants to end this introduction with a promise. We are dedicated to cleaning your home with care and respect and to show you that same level of service. We know that a home is not just a home, it’s your family and your life too. The extra little things Alma’s Cleaning Services professionals do for our clients and their homes make a difference. Our promise is simple; we will leave you fully satisfied with your experience. This is not a sales pitch; we deliver on our promises.

Alma looks forward to serving you & your home with the level of service you deserve. Contact Us today to schedule your house cleaning services in Riverside, CA or if you would prefer to Call Us, we can’t wait to speak with you.